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The era of independent agents creating their own brands!

Empowering Agents to Establish Their Own Brand and Business

In a rapidly changing real estate landscape, the era of franchise ownership is on the decline, giving rise to the popularity of creating personalised boutique agencies. With over 20,667 independent agencies in Australia, it is evident that an increasing number of agents aspire to have their own brand and work for themselves. However, establishing a brand and setting up a business can be a daunting task. This is where OASIS powered by @realty steps in, offering comprehensive support to help agents create and manage their own brand.

OASIS powered by @realty understands the importance of a distinct brand that represents an agent and their local area. With a team of in-house marketing experts, OASIS helps agents craft a stand-out brand identity that truly reflects their unique style and expertise. By combining creativity with market insights, OASIS creates compelling brand visuals that leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Moreover, OASIS recognises the significance of a successful brand launch. Through a strategic blend of digital and local target marketing, OASIS ensures that agents gain maximum exposure within their area. This comprehensive approach guarantees that agents become the stand-out real estate brand that everyone recognises and trusts.

One of the key advantages of establishing an independent boutique agency is the lower cost of overheads. Unlike traditional franchise models, OASIS empowers agents to keep 93% of their commissions, with the potential to retain 100% commission. This financial flexibility allows agents to reinvest in their brand and grow their business further.

In addition to financial benefits, OASIS is committed to the success of its agents. With a support staff consisting of over 40 team members, agents receive extensive assistance on various aspects of property assistance and marketing. Despite working independently, agents are never alone, as OASIS provides a strong support network that ensures their professional growth and success.

OASIS has already empowered more than 60 boutique agencies across Australia, enabling agents to fulfill their dreams of owning a brand and running their own business. By providing the necessary tools, expertise, and resources, OASIS offers agents an opportunity to establish a reputable brand and thrive in the competitive real estate industry.

If you are an agent seeking independence, OASIS powered by @realty invites you to join their team and create the brand and business you have always desired. With their unwavering commitment to your success, technology and a robust support system in place, OASIS ensures that you can build a flourishing boutique agency that stands out in the market.

Take the leap today and become part of the growing trend of successful independent real estate brands with OASIS powered by @realty. Click here for more information

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