Everything you need to run your business at your finger tips! @realty Cloud provides you with the essential tools for everyday tasks.

Cloud-based CRM

@realty Cloud provides each associate with a customised, state of the art sales and property management administration system. The cloud-based platform is far more than just a CRM, it is your office, allowing you to be fully mobile and access all of your files, contracts, listings and more through your mobile, tablet or computer anywhere and at anytime.

@realty is constantly looking at the way the market is changing and continuously investing to evolve the IT systems to keep the @realty network current with the latest technologies. @realty's team of software developers focus on updating @realty Cloud to make it easier and more dynamic for the associates to use.  We understand the importance of technology not just assisting you, but enhancing you to provide the best service to your clients. 

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The @realty cloud is a complete CRM allowing you to keep track of your contact's important information and activities at all times. You can set tasks and reminders for your contacts and keep track of properties they own or have submitted offers on. 


Creating listings in the @realty Cloud is very easy. Once you have uploaded your listing authority you can enter the property details and photos and send the listing to major Australian websites + 100 international websites just by clicking one button. 

Email marketing

@realty provides you with a sophisticated email marketing platform to send newsletters to your contact list. You can easily create new templates or use existing head office created templates that have been specifically designed to engage the reader. Detailed analytics will provide you with statistics on open rates and click rates providing you with insight into who is ready to be contacted.

Digital listing proposals

You can easily create interactive Digital Listing Proposal to send to prospective clients. These proposals use data within the CRM to provide your clients with information about you and the @realty brand. You can tap into Pricefinder’s data to populate the proposal with evidence of nearby sold and for sale listings. Your clients can request more information or accept the proposal triggering automated tasks within the @realty CRM.

Website enquiry capturing

All of your website enquiries are automatically saved in your @realty Cloud. The potential buyers are automatically created with a set of buyer requirements ensuring you have a robust and complete database whilst saving you hours of data entry. 

Open home registry

You can enter the details of open home entrants directly into the @realty Cloud using Homepass, which can be used on any device and will automatically load contacts directly into your @realty Cloud. Potential buyers will automatically be created with a set of buyer requirements attached so that they can be matched against all current and future listings in the @realty network.

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Marketing centre

A one-stop shop for all your property and agent marketing needs. Create a marketing campaign from our @realty Marketing centre, finalise your order, create and send an invoice to your vendors. Stay up to date with your orders by tracking the status on the live feed.

Database matching

You are able to search the @realty database for potential buyers for your listings at anytime. If there is a match you will be notified which agents have potential buyers that match your listings (but you do not see the details of those buyers, only the agent with buyers in their database can see the name and contact information). The matching agent will also be notified that they have buyers matching your listing. This helps the @realty network work together for better results for their clients.


You can easily send single or mass SMS to your database from within @realty Cloud. All messages are saved against your contact records so you can easily track your communication history.

Action plans

Action Plans are automated workflows that you can easily build to stay in touch with your database at all times. You can set automatics emails, SMS and tasks to keep you front of mind with your clients.

Agent websites

Choose from 6 designer-made templates created to maximise your exposure. Feature your listings with stunning, user-friendly layouts, showcase you, and “wow” your visitors. Look amazing on every screen with a mobile-friendly version of your website. All listings and profiles are connected through the @realty Cloud software. Easy as ticking a box to upload your listings to your amazing new website.

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