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Virtual Assistant Services.

In-house Virtual Assistants experienced in the @realty CRM are here to assist you with streamlining your processes.

Elevate your business by reducing

your admin tasks


Virtual Assistant Services tailored to your needs

@realty offers Virtual Assistant Services to free up your time to focus on lead generation and business development.

The Virtual Assistants are located in Australia and are already trained on the @realty systems and processes so you can start using the service as soon as you need to.

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Listing Assistance

Our in-house team will create and publish the listing.

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Offer Assistance

Our in house team will create and execute the offer in the system.

Listing Assistance

Listing Inclusions are:

+  Creation of CMA or Proposal.

+  Drafting of Listing Authority.

+  Drafting a blank Offer/Contract.

+  Creation and sending of Intent to Sell letter to tenants.

+  Creation of property and listing record.

+  Creation of Contact creation VOI of vendors.

+  Creation of Marketing Campaign based on listing authority. 

+  Creation of Marketing Template creation upon request.

+  Contact Photo supplier & upload images when received.

+  Writing ad copy (additional cost through 3rd party supplier)

+  Optional creation of open home entrant Action Plan.

+  Optional sending of the Listing Authority to all vendors.

+  Optional template creation for future use.

+  Optional creation of web enquiry Action Plan for auto responses.

+  Optional sending invites to vendors for the Property Hub.

+  Optional sending New Listing mass email to matching buyers.

Post Listing Inclusions such as:

+  Updating and uploading new open home times.

+  Any additions to ongoing Marketing Campaign.

+  Any adjustments to advertising text and images.


Offer Assistance

The services offered include:

+   Create an Offer / Contract

  @realty Conveyancing will reach out to Vendors/Purchasers

  Verification of Identity of buyers

  Creation of Offer record 

+   Sending a copy of the contracts to all parties

  Email blast to buyers list about the Sold Listing

  Congratulating the buyers and asking for a testimonial

  Follow up testimonials with an email

  Organise a settlement gift (Through @realty's preferred provider) 

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