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New low-cost social media platform promises to offload properties faster

New data shows that vendors can sell their homes faster by using a specially developed social media platform.

@realty has developed Home Booster to generate leads for vendors, and the platform has already had success in the first month it’s been operating.

Home Booster has generated a total of 21,000 leads for the 50 vendors that have used the platform, with each listing costing little to the agent.

The platform allows agents to target home buyers on social media platforms who are within proximity of the listing and re-targets buyers who previously listed with @realty or have online activity suggesting an interest in real estate.

The director of @realty, JJ Taylor, said that the Home Booster platform was a low-cost but high-targeted way for vendors to increase their listing visibility.

“Using social media to sell real estate is becoming quite a common practice, but @realty offers vendors the advantage of purpose-built software designed to showcase listings and generate leads,” the director said.

Mr Taylor said that too many agents still utilise traditional methods, but social media allowed a greater chance to be seen.

“While many of our agents still utilise traditional advertising methods such as advertising websites, newspaper ads and signboards, the social media Home Booster is particularly effective because it is not a ‘static’ tool.

“In fact, for every listing on our website that has used Home Booster, the social media campaigns have generated 407 unique visitors that have clicked the ad to view the listing, so it’s a very powerful way to get more people looking at your property.”

Mr Taylor said that Home Booster was just one custom software @realty had available to agents to assist with a fast sale.

“In addition to Home Booster, we also have Click2Buy which is an eBay-style platform our agents use when they have multiple offers on a property,” the director said.

Mr Taylor said that Click2Buy allowed buyers to view all offers made in real time and gave vendors a chance to see the worth of a property.

The director said: “Click2Buy allows buyers to compete on an even playing field by viewing any offers made by other prospective purchasers in real time and giving vendors the opportunity to see what buyers think their property is worth before accepting an offer.”

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