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Experienced Tauranga Real Estate Agents Nandi & Julie Bring FreeWill Realty to @realty Network

In a significant move within the Tauranga real estate scene, seasoned agents Nandi and Julie have aligned their expertise with the renowned @realty network. Their venture, FreeWill Realty, stands out not only for its distinct branding but also for its collaborative approach and commitment to excellent service and top-tier marketing packages.

With over 30 years of combined experience specialising in the vibrant Tauranga area, Nandi and Julie have built a reputation for their professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled customer service. Their decision to join forces under the co-branding structure of @realty reflects their dedication to further enhancing their standing in the industry while benefiting from the support and resources offered by a trusted network.

One of the key factors driving their decision to join @realty was the comprehensive support provided by the network's marketing and support team. From rapid assistance to utilising cutting-edge tools, Nandi and Julie attest to feeling like they have a dedicated support team by their side at all times. They particularly commend @realty's CRM system, which streamlines their daily tasks through features like Mass Emails & SMS, Digital Listing Proposals, Social Media Tile Generator, and Vendor Reports.

"We joined the @realty network as we wanted to create our own brand with the support of a professional team assisting us to run our business our way. We are so happy we made the change and wish we did it sooner."

Their transition to @realty not only reinforces Nandi and Julie's commitment to elevating their services but also underscores the network's appeal as a destination for established agents seeking to bolster their brands while benefiting from a robust support structure.

As FreeWill Realty forges ahead under the @realty banner, Tauranga's real estate landscape can anticipate a refreshing blend of experience, innovation, and personalised service that sets new standards for excellence.

Unlock success with @realty: where you're not just a client, but the focus of our commitment to top-tier support and technology, ensuring your market dominance is not just a goal but a guarantee.

Contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can elevate your career.

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