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How text messaging can boost your business with these quick tips!

COVID-19 has altered consumer exceptions and more Aussies are plugged into their mobile devices than ever before.

80 per cent of Australians are using smartphones in 2021. Research has found 95 per cent of texts were opened in that time and texts overall have an open rate of 98 per cent. That is a massive audience pool you could be connecting with.

This is an amazing tool when you compare emails have an open rate of 18 per cent. Research has shown SMS text messages have a 209 per cent higher response rate than emails, phone and Facebook, So why aren't more agent using text messaging as a communication channel?

You can use text messaging for;

  • Open homes Invites

  • Auction Invites

  • Open home - Thank you for inspecting message

  • Open home attendees - property update (how many inspections, offers, etc)

  • Open home attendees - property update sold price

  • Suburb market update

  • Market Appraisals

With the @realty Cloud CRM you can create SMS action plans that automatically connect with your clients. This is a fast and easy way to contact your clients and keep them updated with 100s of templates to choose from.

Here is an SMS template that can help you re-connect with your seller database and book more listing appointments:

Hi Recipient Name, The Real Estate market is now in full swing as we have entered the peak selling season (Spring), we have been very busy with buyers returning to the market. In the past X days we have SOLD X properties with some buyers offering OVER the listed asking price and we still have buyers leftover that are looking to secure a property, If you would like to know the NEW post-COVID value of your property, just reply to this message and I can give you an update. Regards Agent Name

(Provided by Aaron Shiner)

What makes a compelling text message?

  • Incentives and discounts (61 per cent)

  • Loyalty offers and benefits (56 per cent)

  • Back in stock notifications (35 per cent)

  • Invitations to upcoming events (28 per cent)

  • News and updates about the business (22 per cent)

  • Helpful content related to products or services (22 per cent)

  • Product or service recommendations (17 per cent)

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