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30 agents score 100% commission

A total of 30 agents have managed to keep all of their commission in the first 12 months of a 100 per cent commission program.

The milestone for a number of @realty agents came following a record year for the brand, which saw the value of its residential and commercial property transactions increase by 42 per cent to $2.2 billion over FY21. And it’s not been restricted to agents operating in luxury or prestige markets, with managing director JJ Taylor highlighting that agents across Australia have reached this goal.

“One rural agent achieved this target with an average sale price of just $220,000, while others in Victoria reached the objective despite battling lockdowns, which is truly remarkable,” he said.

The program, which was only introduced just 12 months ago, allows agents to keep all of their commission after @realty has earned $20,000 in service fees.

According to Mr Taylor, the program ultimately demonstrates that “agen

ts can reap the rewards of their hard work, rather than see 30 or 40 per cent of their hard-earned commission go to the office”.

He added that “at the same time… independent agencies can retain their brand equity while enjoying back-end support from a national agency”.

As well as the transactional milestone, @realty has also marked a major achi

evement for its property management division, which has successfully garnered more than 800 commercial and residential properties, generating more than $450,000 income for agents.

Looking ahead, Mr Taylor said @realty aims to continue investing in proprietary software and national branding as well as launch new products that will create a better experience for both consumers and agents.

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