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3 tech savvy ways to use QR codes for real estate

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

In the wake of COVID, QR Codes have made a huge comeback in real estate, but did you know you can use QR codes for more than just linking to a website?

1. Create Contact

On your business card you can create a QR code that will automatically save your details into your clients phone the minute they scan your QR code. No longer are the days we have to manually create a contact into your phone. How tech savvy will you look in front of your clients!

2. Send Email

Letter box drops, property brochure or signboards can have QR Codes that send out an automatic email to you the agent direct from the client. Let's say you send out a letter box drop with a property you have for sale. Your QR code could say "scan me to enquire about this property".

The QR Code will come up with a pre-filled subject line. For example "Property Enquiry 123 Westwood Rd" and the email text can be pre-filled as well. This make it so much easier for your potential clients to contact you.

3. Send Text

SMS is one of the most used forms of communication these days so why not make it easier for your clients to contact you. Send out a letterbox drop for lead generation with a QR Code that will send you the agent a text message direct from your client requesting an appraisal on their property all by SMS. The best part is the SMS can be pre-filled for your client!

These 3 tips can really help you create a better user experience for you and your clients. Get these QR codes created on all your marketing today! @realty's in-house marketing team is creating industry leading QR marketing for their agents. If you would like to speak to @realty about joining the team please contact us here

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