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Success Story

Tricia Kernahan, Hallett Cove (SA) Licensed Real Estate Agent

The first year I started with @realty was the best year I've ever had in real estate! Tricia Kernahan started with @realty as one of the first agents in South Australia. She has grown with the company and built herself a successful career while being able to work from home and be around her family which is very important to her. She uses many of the @realty tools provided which have helped her to maximise her exposure. Congratulations Tricia on your achievements with @realty!


65+ properties sold with @realty

Hours reduced to an

18 hour work week.

Rate My Agent suburb O'sullivan Beach #1 rating agent

Rate My Agent suburb O'sullivan Beach 5 star rating


Why did you decide to join @realty?

The @realty software is just fantastic and I am not a very techy person and even I can use it. Once you have gone through it once or twice it's easy to navigate.

The marketing team and materials are amazing, you just don't get this sort of support and these marketing options anywhere! They are there to help you.

I use the @realty digital proposals tool and its so professional, the mass emails and social media marketing. They keep adding to the tools which is incredible.

The first year i started with @realty was my best year ever in real estate!

@realty has provided me the freedom to work my own hours and I work from home around my family. I can work as much and as little as I like.

Tricia's Structure

Tricia has chosen to be with the @realty national brand structure. To view more information about all structure options, please click the button below.

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