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Property Cycle
Tools & Integration

A suite of integrated solutions that simplifies your workflow – helps you connect, transact, scale and succeed.


Reach more sellers with our Propsector & Digital Marketing Tools

  • Prospector Tool
    The @realty Prospector is a great tool to use to find sellers in your marketing area. Easily search for sellers by suburb or street name and add the contact to your database for prospecting.
  • Social Media & Google
    ​Use our in house digital marketing strategist for Google Ads and Social Media lead generation. Create custom ads to reach your target audience in your area guaranteeing to bring you in hot leads.
  • In house marketing team
    Use our in house marketing team that has a mass database of lead generation letter box drops, mass email & sms templates, and more marketing materials customised to suit you. Our professional graphic designers are free for you to use for any marketing materials you may need so you can focus on selling!


Elevate your prospecting with @realty's Digital Listing Proposal Tool

You can easily create an interactive Digital Listing Proposal to send to prospective clients. These proposals use data within the CRM to provide your clients with information about you and the @realty brand. You can tap into Pricefinder’s data to populate the proposal with evidence of nearby sold and for sale listings.


Your clients can request more information or accept the proposal triggering automated tasks and auto populates the listing agreement within the @realty CRM.


Listing accepted, time to sign on the digital dotted line

Once your client accepts the digital listing proposal, the following automations occur:

  • Listing record is created in the CRM

  • Marketing campaign is created and invoice is sent to the seller

  • Marketing team is notified about the marketing campaign

  • A listing agreement is auto-populated with Digital Proposal & PriceFinder data


Easily create a property campaign using our marketing centre.

A one-stop shop for all your property and agent marketing needs. Create a marketing campaign from our @realty Marketing Centre, finalise your order, create and send an invoice to your vendors.


Stay up to date with your orders by tracking the status on the live feed. Your vendors can also stay up to date with their campaign to see what has been ordered or in the process using our @realty Property Hub Portal.

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