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Simple ways to promote yourself as the real estate professional in your local area!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Don’t rely on a letterbox drop or a generic Facebook tile as your primary lead generation. Creating a marketing campaign with a proper lead funnel can make all the difference.

Are you investing in digital marketing, traditional print marketing or both? The most beneficial aspect of digital marketing is the ability to track your campaign in realtime and view the demographic that is connecting with your ads. Print campaigns are a bit harder to track results as there is no digital footprint. However a mix of both styles of advertising digital and print will help get your message across. Below are 4 tips to keep in mind when creating your marketing campaigns:

  1. Consistency is key! Have the same key message across all marketing platforms digital & print. This will create a consistent subliminal message to your target audience.

  2. Creating a catchy tagline can supercharge your marketing and get customers to associate a message with your brand. Something short and sweet will do!

  3. Have a lead capturing marketing strategy. If you are driving traffic to your own personal agent website make sure it's easy for the potential customer to navigate and enter in their details. It’s always good to provide your clients with something for free before you start asking them for their details.

  4. Automation and Action plans. Does your CRM have Action plans and Automations to make it easier for you to follow up leads, track leads, and create action plan lead funnels for these potential clients? @realty’s CRM provides these tools to the agents at no extra cost and it is integrated into the CRM.

Here are the 5 key marketing tools you can use;

  1. Facebook / Instagram - This is the most common way to advertise yourself through cost effective marketing. Create relevant ads for your target market about what is happening in their area, market trends and so on. Facebook community groups are also a great way to interact with your local community. If your area does not have a facebook group, create one yourself! TIP: Make sure you have your Facebook pixel created and installed for any ads you create - this is a must!!

  2. Google Ads - It's so easy to create google ads that link to your individual website or facebook page. Use keywords that you think prospective clients would use to find out more about your services. Research keywords by using the Google Ads keyword research tool which gives you insight into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time. This can help you narrow your keyword list down to the ones that suit you best.

  3. Spotify - This is a new way to advertise yourself with audio ads. You can create custom audio and video campaigns, pick a specific target market, and Spotify will create the final product for you. Spotify is the new radio advertisement! TIP: The average listener will hear your ad 3-5 times.

  4. & - Advertise yourself on their websites based on a specific suburb. This is a great way to highlight yourself as the agent specialist in that area where 1000s of buyers, sellers and renters go to look everyday.TIP: To capture your audience's attention use a GIF ad instead of a static ad

  5. Community Ads - Small local newspapers, school newspapers or newsletters, local sporting clubs or other community clubs is a great way to advertise yourself in the community. Supporting locals will show you are part of the community.


@realty provides its agents with marketing tips and campaigns to use in their local community to generate leads and brand awareness. Once the lead is received, @realty creates custom action plans to help follow up with these leads so that the agent does not miss out on the opportunity to help that potential client. @realty’s cloud based software has 100s of smart templates for agents to use for mass emails, SMS and action plans. Database marketing has never been so easy!

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