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6 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

83% of agents found new clients through real estate referrals. Client referrals stem from providing such an exceptional client experience that your clients, friends, and neighbours are compelled to recommend your services to others. Despite the incredible digital marketing campaigns available to agents in 2022, a trusted recommendation from a friend or colleague will always carry more weight than an unknown lead.

So how do we get more client referrals? Here's some techniques to try to grow your database and fill your pipeline.

1. Open Homes

Open homes are the most proven source for warm leads. If they're at your open home, it's likely that person could be selling in the future. They're exploring their options if they should or should not move forward, or even if they should sell. So the more you can highlight your work as an agent at an open home to make an impression with prospective buyers, its your chance to impress future sellers on why they should choose you to potentially list their home.

Introduce yourself to the neighbours and explain the value in their neighbours home and what type of campaign you intent to run to achieve the best outcome for their neighbour. Letterbox drop the street both before and after the sale to reinstate your brand. Personally update the neighbours on the result of the campaign and remind them you have 3 very motivated buyers who missed out who might be interested in their home.

When running your next open home, don't under-estimate the power of an outstanding client experience. Be the agent every person remembers when they talk to their partner of friends after a day of open homes as the best agent they meet that made an outstanding impression. You never know who in their circle is ready to list and if you made the right impression, you know exactly who they'll be recommending.

2. Dominate Google

Although google is used as a cold lead space, it can also be used for referrals. Google is the first place Australians go to find goods or services and continues to be a consistent referral source for @realty agents who use our in-house marketing team to generate warm to hot leads in their area. Ensuring your Google profile has your latest listings, testimonials & sold results will help to ad social proof when your name is getting googled.

Ensure your agent details are easy to find when your name is entered into Google and your best reviews & client testimonies are presented in a professional manner. Further, running a Search Ad for home buyers in your area will direct traffic to your website to turn someone doing research into a hot lead. Our in house marketing team helps @realty agents to dominate their areas because they dominate the first page of Google search. Don't loose on the biggest marketplace in Australia.

3. Build Community & Connection Online

Having an online presence is more curtail to staying relevant in todays real estate market. Building an Instagram page, Facebook Group or TikTok page will allow you to reach a huge audience to help you build credibility & position yourself as the leading expert in your area, allowing you to stay front of mind with more people outside of your database.

@realty agents enjoy the benefits of having an entire marketing team run ads on their behalf to assist them with building their online presence and grow their online network.

Create a Facebook community group with your area where you can keep everyone updated on events, community news, special offers, charity events and council changes that may impact their life and property value. You can also join established Facebook groups, offer your genuine advice to locals and build an online presence through regular interactions with other locals.

Building your Instagram & TikTok pages require a more active approach, but think of it as a blog to document your real estate life. Using short form video, show how you conduct open homes, how you carry out a marketing campaign, what you did differently to style & shoot a home, whats happening in your market or a walk through of your latest listing. In 2023 social media is all about authenticity and content doesn't always need to be polished. The @realty marketing team assists their agents in growing agents social media pages to let them focus on what they do best, listing & selling more property.

4. Cross-pollinate Your Prospecting & Referral Game

On all your prospecting material add your referral notice. Let them know if they refer a seller to you, they will receive a $1,000 referral fee. Parter with local business like surf clubs, sports teams and hobby groups by sponsoring their events in exchange for leaving marketing material in high traffic areas of their business, or host fundraisers with local groups to align yourself with locals in the locals in the area. The more you can build trust and relationships with the local community will open the door to authentic conversations about property and potentially a new listing.

5. Stay Top-of-Mind Using Key Market Insights

Continue to stay in front of your database by providing updates on the property market & how it affects their homes value with a mix of letterbox drops, emails & social media posts. @realty agents use the templates head office provides them and can edit them with relevant information on their area, to easily and regularly update their database.

Further, add your referral notice from step 3 on these updates so they are aware you are providing a benefit to those who refer you.

6. Maintain Client Communication Using a CRM

Your database is a gold mine of future sellers you have access too, and its up to you to gain their trust through newsletters & emails months before they decide to sell. @realty agents have the advantage of using pre-made action plans created by our marketing team to easily push emails and SMS at the click of a button.

You could send quarterly updates around price changes, interest rate rises, previous sales in the area, vacancy rates, council approvals, school upgrades or anything else that may affect their homes value. Providing free and insightful information around their property market communicates you have a deep understanding of their community and sets you apart from other agents in the area, likely just posting their latest sale price.

@realty agents automate these emails within their CRM, however most CRMs on todays market can do this manually.

Book a confidential 1-on-1 strategy session with our growth manager to learn more. click here

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