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5 Rules for Successful Brand Logo Design

Updated: May 29, 2023

1. Make It Easily Understandable.

You want your logo and name to stand alone without explanation. This means if someone sees your logo, they can understand what it represents without you having to explain it to them. Brands like Target, Apple, and Nike do this well. Both Target and Apple’s logo represent the name of the company. Target is a simple target symbol and Apple is a one-dimensional apple with a bite out of it.

2. Be Unique.

A quick Google search of real estate logos will show you endless images of agency names with an assortment of roofs, buildings, and skylines sitting above the name. While I think it is appropriate for your logo to represent housing, many of these images are overused.

How is a customer to separate you from the competition if the only differentiation with your brand is the pitch of the roof above your name?

Research your competition in the area and try to make your brand different so that it can stand out in your area. Use different colours, fonts and styles to make your brand unique and pop.

3. Don’t Distract.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is designing a logo that makes sense to them but not to their customer. This can create questions and confusion in the customer’s mind and prevent them from working with your agency.

You can avoid distracting logos by sharing your logo with friends, family, and past customers. Ask them the following questions.

  1. What does this logo represent to you?

  2. What values does this logo portray to you?

  3. What product does this logo sell?

  4. How does this logo make you feel?

Feedback can be difficult to hear, especially if you took hours coming up with the design. A little listening and understanding here can save you from having a toilet seat represent your brand!

4. Add a Tagline.

It is easy to start daydreaming about your logo being immediately associated with real estate, but that’s not realistic. In the beginning, consumers won’t immediately recognise your logo as a real estate agency.

Apple didn’t start out as simply “Apple.” They started out as Apple Computers. So don’t worry about helping your branding along by adding a tagline like “Real Estate Services.” Like Apple, you can drop it later when your brand is better known.

5. Hire a Pro.

There are many service provider websites where you can hire someone to “design” a logo for your agency at a very low cost. I caution you that many of these providers reuse their designs over and over again.

This can also make it nearly impossible to trademark your brand. If you are planning on growing your agency beyond your city or state, then I suggest spending the money to hire a professional graphic designer. By joining OASIS powered by @realty you have professional marketing & graphic designers that will create a unique brand for you.

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