About Us

@realty is a modern real estate agency that blends real estate with the latest in technology. The agent is our customer and we focus on providing the best support, tools and resources for increased productivity. 


@realty agents have the flexibility to choose the areas they work in, the commission they charge and the marketing strategies for listings, essentially running their own business under the unified brand without the risks and costs of business ownership.

Our success as a company is dependent on the success of our agents and therefore we strive to always provide the best support and to push the boundaries of innovation. We have eliminated the unproductive pressure of sales meetings, KPIs, required office hours, team caravans and other time consuming requirements, so you can focus on what is important, listing and selling.

@realty provides you with the ability to operate differently from your competitors via our purpose-built comprehensive software platform that gives you a one-stop operating system for sales and property management.

Agent Testimonials

Patrick D'Arrigo

I work in real estate because I love it, the 100% commission is an added bonus that just makes it that much better

Ben August

An office is not necessary. In the space of one year, I have become #1 in my area and I have done it all from home.

Tricia Kernahan

The first year I started with @realty was my best year ever in real estate!

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