“Having been in the industry for over 27 years I have seen plenty of new innovations come and go within our industry. @realty has without doubt created a system that is more than fair to the salesperson, rewarding them accordingly yet still allowing them to keep their own identity and independence where they do not have to abide by out dated corporate guidelines, as is the case with most other major franchise brands”


“When I explain the concept of @realty to someone they say it sounds to good to be true and when I heard about it I wasn't too sure myself. After checking it out and doing the numbers it seemed the right solution for someone like me who was planning an agency startup business as a single operator because so much of the fiddly work is already done for you and it frees you up to concentrate on the sales. To know that there is support and and an array of tools available for a reasonable fee is great and the feeling of having control over my operations is still in tact. Any issues I have had in the first weeks were enthusiastically embraced and resolved without a fuss by the @ Realty team. I believe it is a success breeds success story and am glad to be an associate of @realty.”


“What a relief to find @realty.  They are a God send to the real estate industry. @realty honour what they say and remove all the unnecessary office conflict so common in the industry. 


Working from my home office gives me complete balance and the @realty system lets me guide myself to how successful I want to be.  Earning more than double the commission of the average agency, the @realty structure allows me to focus directly on my listings and run buyers with the main focus on my sellers.  I can list and sell in any suburb I choose without boundaries.


@realty is not just my employer, they have become a part of my life to allow me to work at my own pace, without meetings or added pressure. I can't thank @realty enough for finding me when I really needed them. If you want to work from home or your own office with great commission and no stress, then @realty is definitely for you.


Once you join @realty you will never go back.   

With @realty branching interstate there's no doubt @realty will be the biggest agency in Australia in very little time. Quite simply they are the best in the industry.”



"Freedom and flexibility to plan my business the way I want to. To work the hours I want to. By that, I mean having my own home office I can work in the comfort of my own home and work the hours I want to without having to travel to and from an office somewhere else. Work life balance. I love that I'm in business for myself by not by myself, with the fantastic support from the team at head office. There is always someone on the other end of the phone to help me through whatever issues might come up."










"Working flexible hours and you are in control of your own business."



"I like the modern colours, fresh, obviously the commission is great, I've been impressed with the amount of services available now, and the marketing resources available compared to what they were like in 2016, so the company's come a long way, which is a credit overall."



"I love the flexibility and feeling that I own and run my own business."


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L11/50 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

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