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Success Story

Simon Tait, Adelaide SA Licensed Real Estate Agent

I have enjoyed over 30+ years in the real estate industry and I am now excited to have started Simon Tait Real Estate. I am teaming up with @realty, who provides agents with an innovative, dynamic real estate system that gives me absolutely everything that a modern agent needs.

I have always specialised in selling, and auctioneering, in the western beachside areas, in particular in the Glenelg, Brighton, Warradale areas.


$8,500,000 + of property sales with @realty

15+ properties sold with @realty (12 months)

30 years in the real estate industry 


Why did you decide to join @realty?

30+ years in the business and I decided I have been giving too much of my commission away back to my employer so I decided to join @realty.

The CRM is brilliant and easy to use, my whole business is there in my laptop. Its easy and time efficient. 

The support team is great whether its for marketing or software everything is attended to straight away.

I have been provided all the real estate tools I need plus more, there seems to always be new tools and features available. They are very modern, thorough and professional

I use the mass email system regularly and its very easy for me to use and keep my clients up to date.

Simon's Structure

Ben has chosen to be with the co-brand structure. To view more information about all structure options, please click the button below.

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