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Success Story

Janice Maple, Bangalow Licensed Real Estate Agent

Janice owned a large real estate franchise office in Bangalow from 2010 - 2018.  After selling the business, Janice worked with the same business for a further 12 months as a sales agent. In 2019, she decided to back herself and go out on her own and chose to work under the @realty banner.  She is so pleased she did. Congratulations Janice on all you have achieved since joining our team!


$9 Million + of property sales in 9 months with @realty

Hours reduced to a

20 hour work week.

Rate My Agent suburb winner Bangalow NSW 2017

2.2% fee achieved per sale

on average

2 X more productivity

Rate My Agent suburb winner 

Bangalow NSW 2018


Why did you decide to join @realty?

I didn't want to have the stress of running my own business with staff so I sold the business and stayed with the new owners as a sales agent and then decided that model wasn't working for me.

I feel like I have a really good group of a support network with head office.

This model is set up to support motivated agents.

Running my own business I was everything to everyone else and I realised what I enjoyed about real estate was my connection with my clients. I struggled because I couldn't give my clients as much time and energy as I wanted to. I let the business go and decided to focus on my clients. 

Being independent lets me run my business the way I want to run my business. I can offer the fee that I want to offer, do the marketing that I want to do, work when I want to work all while using the @realty brand.

Janice's Structure

Janice has chosen to be with the @realty national brand structure. To view more information about all structure options, please click the button below.

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