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Success Story

Ben August, Cairns QLD Licensed Real Estate Agent

After a 4 year break from real estate, Ben August came back to real estate with more drive and confidence to become an independent agent. He was ready to step out on his own and decided the @realty team was the best fit. Since joining @realty Ben has made many accomplishments and is now one of the top selling agent  in his chosen area of Redlynch QLD. Congratulations Ben on all that you have achieved in such a short amount of time! 


$20 Million + of property sales with @realty

50+ properties sold with @realty

5 star reviews from clients on Rate My Agent and REA


Why did you decide to join @realty?

I found the support team was more than happy to spend as much time with me as possible to make sure I got my head around the @realty cloud software.

If your an agent that is doing well and you are not getting the value out of your current office, then the @realty model is for you.

You have to ask yourself if you are getting the value out of your current office. People don't list with brands or offices, they list with agents and its ok to be an independent agent

The freedom @realty has provided me is the ability to work from home or anywhere because the @realty cloud is accessible by mobile and it all runs very smoothly

An office is not necessary. In the space of one year, I have become #1 in my area and I have done it all from home.

Ben's Structure

Ben has chosen to be with the @realty national brand structure. To view more information about all structure options, please click the button below.

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