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Meet Audrey Goetz

Award-winning Gold Coast agent Audrey Goetz joined @realty two years ago in order to service her expanding network of clients across the city.

Ms Goetz says working with franchise agencies meant she had boundary restrictions and sometimes had to decline listings.

“I was frustrated and frankly bored with the antiquated approach of the main brands I previously worked for,” she said.

“I realised there had to be a better way to service the needs of my buyers and sellers. I looked in to starting my own company, however I am more of a people person than a business person.

“I am genuinely interested in the people I work with and listen to my clients, their needs, their situation and their lifestyle.

“Moving across to @realty was undoubtedly the best option for me as it allowed me to focus on providing top level service, with @realty providing all of the back end support required to do my job to the best of my ability.”

Ms Goetz says being a successful real estate agent requires attention to detail and a highly tailored approach to each job.

“Each home is unique. Each transaction demands a unique process, special attention and special tactics. It is this process that makes this business so exciting,” she said.

“@realty is constantly searching for ways to innovate. They offer amazing software to streamline the buying and selling process for clients, as well as superb support from administration staff.

“It’s also fantastic to be part of a non-competitive team of 500 passionate and experienced agents nationwide, with decades of experience and advice available 24hrs per day on our agent forum.”

Ms Goetz says selling real estate on the Gold Coast in both low and the high markets has enabled her to develop the tenacity and resilience to ‘get the job done’.

“I encourage sellers on the Gold Coast is to be open to different marketing ideas to help them achieve top dollar, find the right buyer and get the transaction to successfully complete quickly,” she said.

” I always like to say – the home is yours, the skill is ours!

“I give similar advice to Gold Coast home buyers – to embrace new technology like @realty’s Click2Buy system which allows buyers to compete on an even playing field by viewing any offers made by other prospective purchasers in real-time.

“My passion is to achieve more than my clients expect and I strive to achieve that in every transaction.”


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