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@realty have welcomed North Brisbane agent Patrick D’Arrigo to the team

Patrick D’Arrigo has made the switch to @realty in North Brisbane, having achieved $30 million in sales over the past 12 months.

Mr D’Arrigo said he was excited to be joining the @realty team and looks forward to continuing his work in the Warner, Joyner and greater Moreton Bay region.

“Working with @realty gives me the opportunity to offer more tailored and personalised service to my clients,” he said.

“Both Warner and Joyner are experiencing an increase in demand from first-time buyers looking for an affordable entry into the market, plus an influx of buyers looking to upgrade to acreage living within 20 kms of the Brisbane CBD.”

Mr D’Arrigo said that there is currently an over-supply of properties in the Warner, Joyner and greater Moreton Bay areas which has provided some great opportunities for buyers in terms of value.

He also emphasised the importance of going the extra mile with service.

“The majority of buyers in the area are first-time buyers. Providing exceptional service from the beginning will hopefully get them to come back in the future, or even refer us,” said Mr D’Arrigo.

“I want to continue to help as many people to realise their real estate dreams. It can be so rewarding and fulfilling to assist people from all walks of life in getting to the next step in their life journey, by setting an example for other agents to follow in breaking away from the mainstream agency brands, where it’s often about what’s on the white board instead of what might be in the best interests of the clients.”


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