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Empowering NZ Real Estate Agents: @realty Offers Lucrative Commissions and Unparalleled Support

In New Zealand's real estate market decline, agents have long been faced with the challenge of relatively low commissions. However, with the rise of independent agents and the advent of innovative real estate networks, such as @realty, the landscape is changing. In this article, we explore how @realty's offering of 93% commissions, with the potential to keep 100%, is reshaping the industry and enabling agents to earn significantly more while still receiving professional support from their agencies.

Agents' Struggle with Traditional Commissions:

With the average house price in New Zealand now at $958,000, the 2% commission structure translates to $19,160 per sale. However, after deducting franchise fees ranging from 40% to 60%, agents are left with a mere $7,664 per transaction. This compensation falls short considering the expertise and effort agents invest in their work. In 2023, it's natural to question whether agents deserve a higher commission while maintaining access to essential agency resources.

Unlocking Higher Earnings with @realty:

Breaking away from traditional franchise models, @realty offers a compelling alternative. With @realty, agents can retain 93% of their commission and even have the potential to keep 100%. This means that instead of earning $7,664 per sale, agents would pocket an impressive $17,818, a significant increase of $10,154 per transaction. The possibilities that arise from this additional income are numerous and exciting.

Investing in Growth and Flexibility:

By earning more through @realty's commission structure, agents gain the ability to reinvest in their business. This additional income can be utilised to enhance lead generation efforts, thereby generating more property listings and expanding their client base. Agents can also leverage the surplus funds to access cutting-edge technology, marketing tools, and professional development opportunities to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Beyond the monetary benefits, @realty empowers agents with the flexibility to work on their terms. Agents can choose when, where, and how they operate, allowing for a better work-life balance. This newfound freedom grants agents the opportunity to pursue their passions, spend more time with family, or even take well-deserved vacations without compromising their income potential.

Unmatched Support for Success:

Joining @realty is not just about securing higher commissions; it's about becoming part of a dynamic team dedicated to agent success. With a network of over 750 agents, @realty offers a supportive community that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth. The company equips agents with state-of-the-art technology, in-house graphic design and social media marketing support, trust accounting services, subscriptions to major online portals, and industry training events. This comprehensive support system ensures that agents have the tools and resources necessary to excel in their careers.

In an era where real estate agents deserve to be rewarded for their expertise and efforts, @realty's innovative approach to commissions is revolutionising the industry. By offering agents the opportunity to earn up to 93% commission, with the potential to keep 100%, @realty is enabling agents to retain more of what they earn and invest in their growth. With the freedom to work on their own terms and access to a supportive community and cutting-edge resources, agents can thrive in the digital age without being confined to a traditional franchise office. It's time to embrace the future of real estate and unlock your full earning potential with @realty.

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