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Award winning agent Jeff Anderson joins @realty

Award-winning real estate agent and avid football fan Jeff Anderson is switching teams to kick goals for fast-growing national real estate network @realty, which has recruited 500 agents in the past four years.

Mr Anderson, who was managing director of an agency in Carnegie and has conducted more than 4,000 successful auctions in his 34 years in real estate, is joining the ranks of @realty as an independent operator specialising in Melbourne’s South East and Eastern suburbs.

Mr Anderson said he was ‘crossing the field’ after many years working for both franchise and boutique agencies, because @realty provided an opportunity to work autonomously and offered a more comprehensive service to clients.

“I have recently managed a team of 200 staff across a seven office network, and while I have always loved my job I have been wanting to make a change to the way I work, with a view to being able to operate more independently,” he said.

“@realty is unlike any other agency in that it allows me to have complete freedom and flexibility in where and how I work, with access to the same level of support I would expect to receive as part of a franchise business.

“My move to @realty has  given me the chance to establish a new advocacy business, Anderson Property Advisors, which will complement the work I am doing with @realty.

“There is a real gap in the market in terms of  independent agents who are able to provide unbiased advice to people who need guidance about what to do when buying or selling a property.

“Over the years I have fielded literally thousands of questions about how to get a proper valuation, what to spend on a home extension and how to get the best ‘value’ in various property transactions.

“My aim is to act as a guide for people using my industry experience and knowledge, and then to use my abilities as a licensed agent to help them achieve the results we discuss.

“I love my footy and I like to say that a player is only as strong as the rest of the team, and I believe I have a great team behind me at @realty to get the job done.

“It’s great to have a national referral network of interstate buyers – meaning interstate @realty agents will share leads with me to ensure the fastest and best result for vendors.”

@realty director JJ Taylor says all agents have the opportunity to leverage the skills of its 500-strong team.

“We have more than 500 agents across Australia and we are proud to say that they all work collaboratively to achieve results for our clients,” he said.

“Unlike other agencies we do not operate on a regional basis – instead we have a forum that connects all 500 of our agents so they can share ideas and advice, and assist one another to make sales.

“It’s a win-win system for agents, vendors and buyers.”


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