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The @realty network has grown to over 550 agents in five states in just 5 years! That means you are able to network with agents all over the country who share higher commission splits (93% or 85%),  


There is no doubt that the industry is going through a major change in the way consumers engage real estate agents. A lot of agents are racing to the bottom with their commission to try to remain competitive. It is more important then ever to be able to offer your clients a unique advantage.


As an @realty agent you have the ability to work with other @realty agents to provide maximum exposure for your clients, but you also have the ability to work with other agents in your local area. Because you are earning double the industry average for commission splits with @realty, you can afford to interact with other agents at a higher rate than your competitors.


You can explain to the homeowner that you will increase the exposure of their home to not just your database, but other local agent's databases as well, by offering conjunctions on a 50/50 or 60/40 basis with every agent in your area. Agents working for franchises and boutiques cannot offer this because their commission splits are already 50/50 with the principal, restricting them from offering another 50% split with other agents. 


However, your 93% or 85% split allows you to economically incentivise other agents to work with you. You still receive the same amount (and possibly more) you would if you were working with a franchise or boutique brand, the other agent has received an above normal conjunction split and the client has tapped into a database of buyers they otherwise would have missed out on. Instead of the owner dealing with several agents, they can deal with just you and still have the same, if not more exposure.


We understand that conjunctions don't work for everybody, but this is just one of the benefits the @realty model can provide you as a unique competitive edge.  

Call 1300 299 377 for a confidential discussion about your options with @realty. 

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